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Supply Chain Enterprises (SCE) is an International Independent Consulting Sole Proprietorship owned and operated by Kim J Huntley, former Senior Service Executive with the United States Defense Department and former Director of Defense Energy. Kim brings over 38 years of global logistics experience in every major supply chain to include reverse logistics.

SCE is dedicated to clients who have high ethic and professional standards, offer unique products and services to the US Armed Forces, and have common interest and synergy for partnerships. Client Services include strategic planning, sales, marketing, and customer support, distribution, introduction of new products, CEO senior management consulting, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Energy Studies.

Provide insight into the fossil fuel and alternative energy market with Federal Government and Private Industry. Kim was appointed the Chair of the Inter Agency Working Group For Alternative Energy (IAWG- Jan 2009-Jan 2010) that was comprised of Federal Agencies and Department of Defense.

Provide evaluations and valuations of company prospective and intellectual property worth, and their companies’ opportunities for future Merger and Acquisition.

Provide access to CEOs, senior logistics managers, and decision makers across private industry and government. Provide the right lead for logistics solutions through a large network of senior experts.


Supply Chain Enterprises

US Moble: 703-606-7064


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