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Kim J Huntley

Independent Member of the Board of Directors at Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. since June 2010 and is an independent consultant for Barakat Company, Haas Group International, Intelignet Deciscions, ITG-Medev, LiQufix, Petrogen, SAIC/VAREC, Quality Control Systems, The Susanville Indian Rancheria Corporation, Center for Naval Analyses, Eco-Fuel/Green Canopy, Tectus Oil, and G2 Fuel Technologies.  Since July 2008 until his retirement in January 2010, Mr. Huntley served as Director of the Defense Energy Support Center in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. At DESC, Mr. Huntley was the Principal Executive Officer in charge of approximately 1,100 employees worldwide and over $25 billion in annual appropriations involving energy infrastructure and products. He served more than 32 years in positions ... of increasing responsibility in the Defense Logistics Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense. From December 2003 to March 2006 he served as Chief of the Customer Support Office in Fort Belvoir at Defense Energy Support Center. Mr. Huntley was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in March 2006. From March 2006 to July 2008, Mr. Huntley served in leadership roles involving supply chain management, including Deputy Commander for the Defense Supply Center in Richmond, Virginia (Aviation) and Columbus, Ohio ( Land and Maritime), and as Executive Director of Customer Support and Readiness (J-4). He chaired the Inter Agency Working Group for Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy from January 2009 to January 2010. Mr. Huntley is a veteran of the US Navy and served in Viet Nam. He holds a B.A degree in Economics from Golden Gate University and attended post-graduate courses in economics at California State University, Hayward.

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