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Supply Chain Enterprises: Clients

1) Ascent Solar
       Kim J Huntley is an Independent Director, elected to the Board of Ascent Solar June 2010.  Ascent tra
\des under ASTI on the NASDAQ and provides unique state of the art Thin Film Solar Solutions for DOD Forward Deployed Solar Applications, Transportation; Trucks, Autos, and Rail, Buildings - BPIV, and commercial and military applications for laptops, IPODs, Blackberries, and Cell phones EPIV. 
       The Enerplex brand represents Ascent's line of consumer products.  These products are lightweight, durable, and highly energy efficient photovoltaic charging solutions, enabling electronics to be freed from the outlet.  EnerPlex products are currently sold at Fry's Electronics,, and the Denver Airport.
       Ascent debuted the newest additions to its EnerPlex product lines at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Salt Lake City, giving distribution partners an opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at their products before they became available for sale.
       The NFL's Denver Broncos have established a new sponsorship agreement with Ascent, a deal which will include in-stadium advertising rights at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, coupled with promotional rights for Ascent's consumer line of products.
       Ascent has announced several partnerships this year.  The company is expanding its distribution through a partnership with West Coast Limited, distributors of leading IT brands to a broad range of resellers, retailers, and office product dealers.  This agreement enables Ascent to leverage West Coast's considerable distribution capabilities to reach nearly every consumer in the United Kingdom and Ireland via e-commerce, retail, and direct channels.  Ascent has also partnered with the Breitling Wing Walkers, the world's only aerobatic formation wing-walking team.  The Breitling team will be able make full use of Ascent's Enerplex products to not only keep all their devices charged, but also take advantage of solar energy during their down-time.

2) Barakat
       Barakat Company Ltd. was established on 1972 in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The company's vast history has survived three decades of a turbulent Afghanistan.  Barakat Group has grown its operations to encompass international trade, manufacturing, construction, distribution, logistics services, supply chain management and community involvement.  Barakat Group has experience operating globally, with offices throughout Central Asia, Turkey.  Their management teams are familiar with customs, languages, terrain, and the people of Afghanistan and are able to overcome challenges within Afghanistan and neighboring countries.  The primary focus of Barakat is international trade and government relations management.  Their member companies and international partners provide a wide array of services and products to commercial, industrial and government agencies.  Barakat Company is an Afghanistan owned company and provide fuel, construction supplies, and services to the IASF forces and exceed all of the conditions of Afghan First.   

3) Haas Group International
       Haas Group International is the largest supplier of chemicals and associated products.  Working proactively with key supplies, Haas Group International provide their customers access to innovative products and technologies required to support their businesses with engineering solutions and cost reductions. They have an extensive range of products covers adhesives, sealants, tapes, lubricants, coatings, chemicals, composite materials and workshop consumables.  Haas Group provides an array of value-added services encompassing consignment inventory, managed stocks, and vending solutions.   

4) Intelligent Decisions      
       Intelligent Decisions (ID) is a unique, diversified Information Technology solutions provider helping defense, intelligence and civilian organizations meet their technology requirements and achieve mission critical goals.  For over 20 years, ID has been solving the industry's most challenging IT problems by utilizing technology expertise and past successes while capitalizing on their employees' innovative approach to solutions.  The value that they bring to their customers is simple- to integrate the most sophisticated technology on the market with high-end consultative services and provide an all-encompassing, end-to-end solution.  Based upon their technical expertise, flexible and proactive customer service, strong management team and competitive pricing models, ID is in an exceptional position to serve as your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Systems Integrator (SI) and Value-Added Reseller (VAR).
       In 2000, the company expanded its focus into the commercial market and grew revenue 20% by offering custom configured, Intel-based server products to ISPs and Fortune 1000 clients and has since expanded into security appliance manufacturing.  In 2003, ID recognized the importance of developing and providing clients with comprehensive solutions that go beyond hardware and software to include a full range of value-added, professional services offerings.
       Today, ID's end-to-end services and solutions range from: assessment and analysis; architecture and development; proposals and ROI evaluation; technology reviews and pre-sales support; procurement and supply chain management; secure integration; program management and implementation; staff augmentation; training; dynamic web-based performance tracking tools; to warranty and post-warranty repair.  ID continues to support all defense, intelligence and civilian information technology requirements.  Ranked on the prestigious VAR Business 500 and CRN's Fast Growth 100 as a leading technology solutions provider, ID's exceptional growth is the direct result of proven solutions, best-value and customer service excellence.    

5) ITG-MEDEV/Omiderm
       ITG-Medev produces a hypoallergenic and transparent membrane, non-adhesive and flexible which adapts easily to injury, after adjusting to body contours.  It has proven to be very effective for battlefield burns and other skin injuries.  It protects the injury, allowing it to receive oxygen and heal faster with much less pain than normal dressings.  It has shipboard applications as well as battlefield and hospital use.

6) LiQuifix
       LiQuifix was founded to commercialize a new lubrication formula designed to work with today's modern materials: aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, rubber and synthetics like nylon.  Existing lubricants, containing strong solvents, corroded or damaged these materials and, as aluminum replaced steel in many applications, these solvents corroded the aluminum.  The original application for LiQuifix's new lubricant formula was on beverage trucks, where aluminum truck bodies replaced steel and side-loading trucks used nylon handles and rubber wheels mounted in aluminum tracks.  The results were striking, with a dramatic reduction in warranty claims for corrosion damage, resulting in longer, uninterrupted operation.
       LiQuifix began marketing to industrial and commercial accounts where this transition to lighter materials was taking place, and to government agencies concerned about the health effects of VOCs emitted into the air by solvent-based lubricants.  In 2008, LiQuifix multi-purpose lubricant was certified by an independent testing lab, Scientific Certification Systems, as meeting California's stringent air quality standards for VOC emissions.  In 2009, performance testing done by independent labs against a range of industrial lubricants showed LiQuifix outperformed all of them on a range of industry standards tests.  In 2010, LiQuifix received financing from a group of venture investors, including the State of Connecticut, enabling it to introduce its breakthrough multi-purpose lubricant to consumers.

7) Petrogen   
       Petrogen eliminates complicated logistics of fuel supply for cutting steel.  Instead of shipping acetylene into theater, Petrogen tanks can be shipped empty and filled with regular gasoline where the units are used.  Then they can be emptied, cleaned out and shipped to the next deployment.  Petrogen units are built for durability and will remain in service for decades.
       Petrogen systems are much more portable and safer to handle than acetylene units.  Petrogen's standard 2.5-gallon fuel tank is equivalent to a 250-cubic foot acetylene tank.  That's 30 pounds versus 180 pounds.  And the Petrogen tank is not hazardous to handle.  If dropped, knocked on its side or even caught in a fire, the tank does not become dangerous as does an acetylene tank.
       In the Petrogen system, gasoline is kept liquid and inert from the tank to the cutting tip, so no fuel line backflash is possible.  The system is more forgiving for use by novices than cutting systems using compressed gases.  That's one reason why fire/rescue personnel prefer Petrogen for use by non-burners.  Many redundant safety features in our units allow safe use of the fuel and guard against fuel-line leaks or ruptures.  Petrogen recently introduced a JP8 and other fuels to their Portable Cutting System (PCS) which has tactical applications.  It is a completely self-contained back-pack unit, compact and relatively light weight (45 lbs.)  The PCS comes with a 1.5-quart fuel tank, good for 1-1/2 hours of cutting time.  It will cut 1 inch steel for a continuous 15 minutes with the on-board 23-cu. ft. oxygen tank, and 4 inch steel for 5 minutes.  Petrogen's tactical Breach Torch, soon to come on line, will consist of a 9-inch torch and 8-cu. ft. oxygen bottle in a shoulder harness.
       Petrogen has been thoroughly tested by the U.S. Dept. of Energy and is recommended over acetylene for dismantlement of nuclear sites.  All our units are guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship.

8) SAIC/VAREC      
       Varec has been a leading innovator in the petroleum and chemical sectors for eight decades - working with industry leaders to pioneer inventory tank gauging instrumentation, fuels management systems and enterprise solutions for total asset visibility and control.  Today, Varec provides its products and services within three main business areas - bulk liquid inventory management in the oil and gas industry, fuels logistics for defense and government services and complete aviation fuels management from the airport tank farm to take-off.  Their solutions are utilized across the supply chain, from an operator at a tank farm managing local stocks to assisting CEOs with key logistical decisions at a company's corporate headquarters.  They are a division of SAIC.

9) Quality Control Systems (QCS)      
       QCS is a leading energy management and environmental control company specializing in the development, construction, and integration of existing systems of today's most advanced digital automation for heating and cooling, air quality and other major technology systems for commercial and industrial facilities.  Operating in Nevada and Northern California, QCS builds customized integrated systems which manage electrical, mechanical, telecommunication, air and water balance, and life-safety systems while maximizing energy efficiency.  Clients such as Sierra Pacific Power Company, Nevada Power, University of Nevada Reno and Carson City School District are able to utilize control systems and perform diagnostic monitoring locally or through remote access.

10) The Susanville Indian Rancheria Corporation (SIRCO)      
       SIRCO is a federally-chartered, Section 17 Corporation fully owned by the Susanville Indian Rancheria (SIR).  The Susanville Indian Rancheria is a federally recognized American Indian Tribe and is located in Susanville, California.  SIR created SIRCO to manage its portfolio of current businesses and to develop new business opportunities for the tribe.  SIRCO is committed to the development of tribally-owned businesses that will provide for the future prosperity of the Susanville Indian Rancheria.

SIRCO currently operates businesses in the following sectors:
       - Gaming & Hospitality - Diamond Mountain Casino & Hotel
       - Retail - Diamond Mountain Mini-Mart, Diamond Mountain Smoke Shop
       - Property Management - SIRCO Property Management
       - Federal Contracting - SIRCO Federal Services Inc., SFS Global LLC, SIRCOMED LLC, SIRCO
         Correctional Services LLC, SIRCO Fuels LLC

SIRCO is currently developing business opportunities in the following sectors:
       - Industrial Park Development - SIRCO Industrial Park Herlong, California
       - Alternative Energy - Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Waste-to-Energy, Biofuels

11) Center for Naval Analyses 
       CNA is a federally funded research and development center serving the Department of the Navy and other defense agencies.  Center analysts pioneered the field of operations research and for more than 65 years have addressed issues that relate to military preparedness, operations evaluation, systems analysis, foreign affairs, strategic relationships, humanitarian operations and logistics.
       Decades of service to the national defense community have kept CNA continually engaged in working with complex data sets, problems of undefined scope and scale, and issues of great urgency.  This vast reservoir of experience has allowed CNA to acquire unique competencies and develop well-honed analytic skills. 
       The Center's efforts are defined by a unique brand of multi-disciplinary, field-based real-world, real-time research and analysis that combines observations of people, decisions, and processes.  Analysts work on site with operating forces addressing such issues as finding the best ways to employ new technologies and how to handle the complex command-and-control relationships critical to multinational alliances and coalition operations.
       CNA's access, knowledgebase, experience, field presence, and institutional memory are powerful assets in addressing national security issues.  And its superior operations research and long-range concept development capabilities allow the Center for Naval Analyses to address military challenges and opportunities with insight, clarity and imagination.

Note to reporters and editors: CNA is not an acronym and should not carry a parenthetical descriptor.  CNA is correctly referenced as "CNA" or "CNA, a not-for-profit research and analysis organization."  CNA is the parent organization of the Institute for Public Research and the Center for Naval Analyses, which, if referenced, should be cited as "CNA's Institute for Public Research" or "CNA's Center for Naval Analyses."

12) Eco-Fuel / Green Canopy  
       Eco-Fuel / Green Canopy is a new company dedicated to advanced technologies in processing used oil products for reuse or to produce bio-fuels.

13) Tectus Oil    
       Tectus Oil is a Florida based corporation with its principal headquarters in Tampa Florida and main blending facilities and warehouse in Chicago, IL with an annual maximum capacity of 15 million gallons per year, while maintaining satellite warehouses in various locations throughout the United States.  Tectus Oil provides custom lubricants formulated from the best base stock available, coupled with the most advanced additive technology on the market today.  Their aim is to assist their customer's time by reducing downtime of their equipment by providing lubricants with the highest quality base stocks and latest additive technology.  Tectus is a certified small, veteran, minority-owned business and provider of petroleum based and alternative energy products to the U.S. commercial, federal, and municipal marketplace.   

       - API Certified Engine Oils
       - Hydraulic Oils
       - Transmission Fluid
       - Fuel Additives

14) G2 Fuel Technologies
       G2 Fuel Technologies manufactures lubricants, oils, and EnerBurn® engine treatment.  EnerBurn is a diesel specific combustion catalyst and fuel borne engine treatment designed primarily for on-road vehicles, marine diesel engines locomotives, and commercial and government off-road vehicles.  The results of using EnerBurn are improved fuel economy, lower emissions, extended engine life, and increased horsepower.  EnerBurn Combustion Catalyst for Diesel Fuel is unlike other diesel treatments available today, designed to make fleets run longer, cleaner, and more economically.

       - hydraulic fluid, gun bore cleaner/firearm lube, air tool, cable, and chain lubricants
       - biodegradable, penetrating, renewable, and synthetic lubricants
       - gear, bar and chain, compressor, cutting, engine, mineral, and motor oils
       - synthetic lubricants, oils, and fluids
       - moly
       - greases

15) Parts Life, Inc.
       Founded in 2007, Parts Life, Inc. provides proved, custom, obsolescence and supply chain solutions that extend the life of expensive, mission-critical DOD assets while delivering value to the U.S. taxpayers.  Clients include numerous branches of service: the U.S. Army, Dept. of the Navy, and Dept. of the Air Force, as well as the Defense Logistics Agency, prime military contractors, and key players in the automotive, aerospace and construction equipment industries.
       More than a supplier, Parts Life, Inc. sees itself as a strategic partner, meeting and exceeding client requirements through on-time delivery, a zero defects standard, continuous improvement, and life cycle support.  While maintaining a core focus on agility, efficiency, and affordability, Parts Life, Inc. enables DOD program managers to proactively mitigate the obsolescence risk of military systems.  
       Program managers face relentless pressure to source replacement parts that meet rigid quality and functionality specifications, all the while satisfying tight scheduling requirements and lowest total cost demands.  Parts Life, Inc. delivers the experience, innovation, and intellectual capital of a large company combined with the agility of a small business.  We leverage manufacturing execution skills in complex and diverse environments, providing an outsource option that enables clients to focus resources on program management, customer satisfaction, and new system development.
       Customer service offerings include: engineering services, manufacturing solutions, program management, and integrated logistics.

16) ITN Energy Systems Inc.
       ITN's Advanced Technologies target today's as well as tomorrow's green energy generation and storage needs with engineered solutions and diagnostic/sensing capabilities down to the nanometer scale.  ITN's Advanced Technology programs are focused around a core competency (and specialization) in the formation of flexible, thin-film device structures across length scales with integrated process control methodologies that enable ITN to transition into cost-effective manufacturing and subsequent commercialized products.  With sponsorship from government (military), industrial and private clients, ITN's primary technology thrusts are in the areas of: energy generation and storage devices, sensors and actuators, separation membranes, fuel cells, and nanotechnology.

17) Enerpulse
       Enerpulse, Incorporated has developed and commercialized a breakthrough internal combustion engine (ICE) ignition technology that delivers improved fuel economy, reduced gaseous emissions and better engine performance (torque), and at a cost orders-of-magnitude lower than current technology alternatives.

       Enerpulse's rigorous Pulse Plug testing has shown positive results in all types of ICEs, including gasoline (primary passenger vehicles) and alternative fuels such as Nat. Gas, CNG, LPG, Bio-Fuel and Digester Gas for Vehicular and Stationary OEMs.  The Company can manufacture at an OEM scale and quality (TS 16949/ISO 9001).  With current 50% gross margins, they will improve with increased volume, cost reduction, and future technology advancements already in development.  Vehicular and Stationary OEM testing is progressing.  Having an existing durable, proven product with scalable, high quality manufacturing will cut the traditional adoption cycle significantly.

18) GreenFuel Technology LLC
       The GreenFuel Technology LLC (GFT) Biofuel Energy solution meets and exceeds two of the major components of the DoD Net Zero Initiative by addressing Energy, and Waste.  The GFT solution will help the DoD reduce its dependency on fossil fuel while "greening" its Operation, generate synthetic Biofuel and electricity, and empty large landfills of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).
       GreenFuel Technology LLC is a Biofuel Development Company focused on providing USG an alternative, near-carbonless, synthetic Biofuel option that will provide a steady, long-term, sustainable supply of cost-competitive synthetic Bio Jet and Marine Fuels produced from Waste Biomass.  Waste Biomass synthetic Biofuel production is also known as "Biomass to Liquid", or BTL.
       GFT is a core investor in Solena Fuels, and holds the Solena's exclusive mandate to develop the USG market.  Solena Fuels, a private company, developed and holds several patents related to the production of BTL Biofuels.  This includes Solena's unique, proprietary Gasification Processor in the BTL process, which uses MSW as Feedstock.  The gas generated from eliminating MSW is then processed through the proven and vastly improved Fischer-Tropsch conversion process, to create near-carbonless, synthetic Biofuels.
       Commercial interest in Solena's BTL process is huge.  For example, British Airways (BA) and Solena Fuels signed an Agreement to build "GreenSky London", which will be Solena's first Biofuel Pilot Plant in the world.  "GreenSky London" is designed to provide BA with a reliable source of sustainable, near-carbonless, synthetic Bio Jet Fuel for a period of not less than twenty (20) years.  Lufthansa is in line with Solena to build the first Biofuel Plant in Europe.  More than ten U.S. air carriers, including FedEx, United, jetBule, Southwest and American Airlines, have signed Purchase Commitments with Solena.

Former Clients:

19) North Atlantic Treaty Organization Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA)
       The NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (French: Agence OTAN d-entretien et d'approvisionnement), abbreviated to NAMSA, is the main logistics agency of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  The executive branch of the NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization (NAMSO), NAMSA's main priority is in assisting NATO members in common procurement, particularly of spare parts and maintenance services for weapon systems that are common to multiple members' Arsenals. 

20) ES-KO
       ES-KO is an internationally recognized logistical support provider of integrated services in remote and challenging locations worldwide.  ES-KO's four Business Units operate in both the public and private sectors, providing turnkey camp infrastructure, engineering design and support, supply of food and non-food products, catering and life support services, retail services (PX/Duty Free, bars and cafés), and all associated logistical services.  ES-KO customers include NATO, US Forces, and UN organizations.

21) National Air Cargo      
       National Air Cargo - Charter service from National is the ultimate way to get your cargo from Point A to Point B - swiftly and safely, anywhere in the world.  National assigns a team of professionals exclusively at your disposal responsible for every detail, from planning to delivery.  National offers airlift solutions at short notice with appropriate aircrafts including AN-26, AN-12, L-100, IL-76, A-300, DC-8, DC-10, B747-400F, AN-124 and AN-255.  Payload options range from 4 tons to 250 tons.  Their strength in Charters is part of a highly customized approach to provide service that is impeccably matched to your individual needs.  Safe, efficient and precise - that's the aim of our charter operations team to facilitate any and all of your needs.

22) Tilwell Petroleum
       Tilwell Petroleum LLC supplies aviation fuels, standards, and solvents, including Jet A, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, and Avgas 100LL, to FBOs and aeronautical testing laboratories.  Throughout the years, the company has expanded its line card to include products such as Calibration Fluid, Isooctane, Rubbing Swelling Fluids, and References Fuels for use in a number of land-based applications.  In 2007, the company began working with the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) to supply JP-10 to non-defense contractors in the United States.  With a large breadth of product and demand for high quality, customers have benefited from additional services provided by Tilwell Petroleum LLC.  The company provides value added services including specialized testing, custom Certificates of Analysis (COA), standardized operating procedures, and usage reporting.  The company's experience and expertise has created an effective and reliable fuel distribution system that delivers the highest quality products available to customers worldwide.  Tilwell has former Pacific and Central Command, Commander, Admiral Bill Fallon, as a partner and Tilwell has Veteran Owned Small Business Status.   

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