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Rapid Tech Transit (RTT)

Do you have a technology that can decrease energy or water use?  Have you identified market opportunities?  At Rapid Tech Transit (RTT), we've put together a network of strategic partners to help advise emerging technology companies build value and expedite the transition from innovation to market.  In building this network we targeted critical stumbling blocks so that we can pull in the right people to help your company navigate challenges and move towards business success.  In this way, we can help you design your own market "strike team" and get you on your way to achieving your business objectives.  Contact us today to learn how we can help your company achieve its objectives.

Kim Huntley was featured in ICOSA Magazine.  See the full the article at

"Using over 37 years of DOD and U.S. Navy experience, Huntley matches technology solutions to particular challenges within the military, various government agencies and private industry; coordinates the right parties from various agencies of facets of private industry that can work with companies to confirm market opportunities; both commercial and military, and matches complementary companies with each other.  Conversely, where it's determined that market opportunity does not exist; he works with companies to pivot their technology focus to take advantage of true market opportunities."

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